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What is UX and should you care?

UX, or user experience, in its simplest form can be defined as human interaction with systems. Every interaction people have with your website or app is UX - your users experience of interacting with your digital property. When it comes to your website, you may be...

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Does your website spark joy?

If not, then maybe it’s time to "Marie Kondo" it. Just like a home you've been living in for a couple of years, your website can also get cluttered. Perhaps when you started out you only had two or three pages with nicely laid out images and copy, but as time went on...

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Stop using Google images!

If you have been Googling images and using them on your marketing material, you may be breaking the law. Maybe not ‘Breaking Bad’ level breaking the law, but still, nobody wants to find their goofy Insta post picture adorning someone else’s blog post. So please be...

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